We are excited to share that the Rotary Club PB&J Challenge collected 203 lbs. of peanut butter & jelly for PRISM! That is a lot of PB&J sandwiches for local kiddos. The numbers broke down like this:
Michelle Ness, Executive Director of PRISM, said, "This is very much needed. Our donations have been unusually low and inflation has increased the cost of peanut butter 18% since September. We are seeing lots of people using the food shelf for the first time."

Cheers to the Rotary #PeopleOfAction, their #ServiceAboveSelf attitude, and a strong drive to help our friends at PRISM!!

Pictured, left to right: Golden Valley Rotarians Peggy Leppik, Julie Peterson, Mary Timmons, Jelan Heidelberg, Brian Liedtke.