Posted on Sep 04, 2017
John Doyle, local foodie blogger, took us on a journey to burger land. We learned about the pub style vs. diner-smashed debate. He discussed national trends like fast casual, chef driven, healthy-non-meat options, ethnic ingredients, natural-artisan-in-house, and burgers for brunch. John talked about the hugely successful In-N-Out Burger which is still a privately held, family owned business. Future trend to watch? Clean meat, which is animal free. Bill Gates and Richard Branson have invested heavily in clean meat, with Cargill recently joining. His top picks for MN? Lions Tap and Murray's. And top picks for Golden Valley? Mort's, Good Day Café, and Schullers Tavern. John started his website to give burger-loving folks insight to anything that is happening in the world of burgers.