Future Roots Project Update
Sep 05, 2023 12:15 PM
Jaime Belden, President and Co-Founder
Future Roots Project Update

Jaime Belden is a dedicated teacher from Robbinsdale, Minnesota and co-founder of Future Roots Project. Starting in 2013 with the belief that all children deserve a high-quality education regardless of the situation in which they are born into. She has been dedicating herself to improving the quality of education in Central America by providing teacher trainings that promote literacy, critical thinking, creativity, and social and emotional development. While supporting the most impoverished schools, teachers, and students, she has been actively promoting peace in high conflict communities by investing in basic literacy education.

In 2018, Hamline University awarded her the First Decade Award for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of Global Studies. Her specialization in global education and in-depth cultural knowledge allows her to effectively analyze the transnational issues of education inequality and illiteracy. Putting into practice key concepts of cultural competency, awareness, and sensitivity, she is able to successfully collaborate with local leaders through powerful cross-cultural relationship building.