A Corporate Refugee Bares All
Feb 19, 2019
Frank Freedman, medical device consultant
A Corporate Refugee Bares All

Frank B. Freedman's career began co-developing and teaching in a Biomedical Engineering Program at Rose-Hulman University. He was a SciMed Life Systems co-founder, where he developed an artificial lung for use in open-heart surgery and intensive care settings. As the Director of Clinical Evaluation at Medtronic, Freedman introduced project management, standard operating procedures, and many aspects of modern-day medical device clinical study practice. A medical device consultant for 32 years, Dr. Freedman provided regulatory, clinical, and technical communication support for many types of medical devices and conditions. He has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of St. Thomas, since 1999.

Frank's book, A Corporate Refugee Bares All, is about determination, resiliency, and doing the right thing in the corporate workplace. His experience involved many successes and failures, including being laid off once and fired three times. The last firing led him to launch a long, successful consulting career. Frank shares lessons he learned in the corporate workplace. Some are funny. Others explain why certain things happen in the workplace. All are insightful.