Invisible Children
Apr 18, 2023 12:15 PM
Mike Tikkanen
Invisible Children

Mike Tikkanen became a volunteer Hennepin County CASA guardian ad-litem, advocating for foster children, in 1996.

He is a founding board member of KARA, Kids At Risk Action, a nonprofit supporting the people, policies, and programs that improve the lives of at-risk children.

Mike is a keynote speaker (including the United Nations in NY) and is the author of many newspaper, online articles, and the book, Invisible Children. He shines a light on the lifelong impact the traumas of child neglect, abuse, and violence are having on children, schools, public health, public safety, taxes, and our communities.

The COVID pandemic has kept many children locked in violent and toxic homes with no escape or access to teachers and other mandated reporters to help them escape violent homes to find safety and healing.

At least 7 million American children (and 60,000 Minnesota children) are reported to child protective services annually. Without help, many of them will grow up with mental health and behavior problems and dysfunctional lifestyles.

KARA’s Grant and Financial Literacy Peer Group program gives at-risk youth the skills and resources they need to earn, save, and spend money wisely and find a path to lead a productive life.