Epilepsy and Cannabis
Oct 19, 2021
Ilo Leppik, MD, Neurology Professor, Univ. of MN
Epilepsy and Cannabis

Ilo Leppik, MD, has more than four decades of experience caring for patients with epilepsy. During his career, Leppik has published more than 240 peer-reviewed research articles on epilepsy and has co-authored numerous books on the subject. He has dedicated his career to searching for ways to improve treatment for seizures that afflict those with epilepsy. “My passion is to find a better treatment for this condition,” the physician and University of Minnesota pharmacy professor said of his patients’ debilitating - and in some cases, life-threatening - uncontrolled seizures.

In his quest, he has come to believe in the healing power of cannabis for epilepsy, playing a key role in getting Minnesota’s medical marijuana law passed in 2014. Several of his patients now regularly take a cannabis pill to manage their symptoms related to epilepsy.

Dr. Leppik will share an update with the Club on the current state of epilepsy and cannabis.