Our States Have Crazy Shapes
Jun 04, 2019
Lynn Garthwaite, owner, Blue Spectrum Books
Our States Have Crazy Shapes

Blue Spectrum Books was created to explore and produce books on a wide range of topics and genres. Their goal is first to find those interesting, and sometimes quirky, products that invite a reader to awaken their imaginations. Whether the reader is a child, an adult, or an adult that dreams like a child, they create books especially for your interests.

Lynn Garthwaite is the author of the Dirkle Smat Adventure Series, mysteries for young learners just starting to read chapter books. Her passion for children's literacy also compelled Lynn to start a non-profit called Books on Wings which devotes itself to closing the achievement gap, one child at a time. She lives in Minnesota where she is proud of that spunky little topknot on its northern border.