What's going on with invasive carp in MN?
Jun 20, 2023 12:15 PM
Colleen O’Connor Toberman
What's going on with invasive carp in MN?

Colleen O'Connor Toberman is the Land Use & Planning Director at Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR), where she works to ensure that the natural, scenic, cultural, historical, recreational, and public values of the Mississippi River corridor are understood, protected, enhanced, and celebrated. This includes working with community and public-sector partners to develop land-use policies, advocate for parks and public access, and guide riverfront development.

Prior to FMR, Colleen was with the Blue Line Coalition and Center for Economic Inclusion where she focused on equitable development policy and collaboration with local government partners. Her past work has included policy, advocacy, and community engagement around urban development, housing, and transportation issues.

Colleen recently sat on the City of Minneapolis Advisory Committee on Housing and is the former board president of the Northeast Investment Cooperative. She holds a bachelor's in sociology from the University of St. Thomas.